Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Justice League: Secret Origins I

Justice League: Secret Origins I 
[Season 1 – Episode 1]

Humans have finally set foot on Mars, and what starts as a scientific mission, soon becomes one of the worst menaces Earth has ever faced, when the explorers accidentally unleash a great evil hidden deep within the red planet.

Cut to two years later in Metropolis, where Batman follows the trail of a group of scientists. The situation quickly gets out of control when the individuals start displaying inhuman abilities, and not even with the help of Superman, can the Dark Knight prevent the mysterious beings from making their escape.


While this is happening, public opinion is divided regarding Superman's offer to help more aggressively with peace efforts, and even fellow heroes like Flash believe the Man of Steel can't save everyone.

Things escalate when Superman finds Batman unconscious after being attacked by the same beings they fought before, and Metropolis becomes ground zero for an alien onslaught. To make everything worse, Superman is subject to painful mental attacks by an unknown party.


Far away, on a remote island, Queen Hippolyta and her daughter Diana argue about the coming darkness that threatens the world. While the Princess feels they should do something to help humanity, the Queen decides that no action shall be taken, and that the gods will keep their home island safe.

The World's Finest duo tracks the source of the attacks on Superman's mind: it's an alien form that has been held captive in a high-security facility; this was not an attack, but a psychic cry for help. The alien's name is J'onn J'onzz, a shape-shifter who is trying to prevent a global-scale invasion of Earth by beings from another world.


Superman and Batman free J'onn from his prison, but when they leave the facility to alert everyone, they are surrounded by the military, in actuality, an army of aliens posing as humans. The invasion has begun!

To be continued…

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  1. By itself, this first episode would not have felt fulfilling as it focused on Supes and Bats; however, when Justice League first debuted on Nov 17th 2001, all three parts of "Secret Origin" were aired in a movie-like style. I was the happiest guy on Earth when I got to see this new incarnation of the League!