Sunday, August 4, 2013

Justice League: Secret Origins II

Justice League: Secret Origins II 
[Season 1 – Episode 2]

It's night on Themyscira, island of the legendary Amazons, and Princess Diana sneaks into Athena's temple to steal a sacred armor as she asks her mother for forgiveness in silent prayer.  Back on the mainland, Superman, Batman, and J'onn J'onzz are ambushed and outnumbered by the alien army, and find themselves with no other option but flee.


The invaders, however, pursue them in their battleships, and are able to damage the Batplane. Just when Batman and J'onn are about to crash, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl appear to lend a helping hand.


Now with five super heroes, the scales start to tip against the attackers, and the fight ensues. Only a couple of battleships are left, when one manages to hurt Hawkgirl, but Princess Diana, in all her graceful beauty comes to the rescue. When the battle is over, Flash shows up to pick up the pieces of the Batplane, and the team comes together for the first time. History is made!


J'onn explains that he telepathically summoned everyone in his effort to prevent the invasion from the same beings that destroyed all life in his native Mars.

In Metropolis and other big cities, the aliens have erected colossal constructs designed to block the sun. The heroes split into teams to better counteract the enemy, but they just can’t seem to get along, and their bickering gets in the way.


All hope is lost when Superman and Hawkgirl are captured, and Batman is trapped at the heart of one of the constructs.  J'onn can't sense their presence anymore… they are gone!

To be concluded...

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