Sunday, August 11, 2013

Spider-Man: The Power of Dr. Octopus

Spider-Man: The Power of Dr. Octopus
[Season 1 – Episode 1A]

Young Peter Parker is driving down a dark road in search of mysterious lights, per orders of his boss, when suddenly, a rockslide causes him to drive off a cliff. Luckily, his car is caught by a huge tree, and Peter uses his spider-webs to land the car to safety.


Changing into Spider-Man, the hero comes across a cave emitting a bright light.  When he tries to check it out, is captured by a web made of chains, and Doctor Octopus is his captor!


The villain is planning on destroying a portion of the city, and to prevent loss of life, he has sent a warning to J. Jonah Jameson, who ignores the threat; however, Peter's friend Betty Brant takes the ominous note more seriously.


Back in the cave, Spider-Man attempts to escape, but Octopus has more traps set for him. Meanwhile, Betty Brant, who has gone to the woods in search of Peter, also comes across the mysterious cave, and is trapped by Otto Octavius as well.


Spider-Man frees himself using his webs, but the evil Doctor has even more tricks up his sleeve, and using a destructive ray, corners the hero into a giant turbine that throws him unconscious on the floor.


With the city under attack by the villain, Spider-Man tries to escape once again, and because third time is a charm, he is also able to free Betty, and defeat Octopus with his webs.


Betty leaves the cave, and as she alerts the police, Peter Parker shows up faking no knowledge of the incident. Once they are back at the Daily Bugle, Peter and Betty get yelled at by J. Jonah Jameson for not getting any photographs of what had just happened.


The End

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