Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Show: Iron Man (1994)

In 1994, Marvel Entertainment Group produced "The Marvel Action Hour," a one-hour animation block that aired on Saturday mornings, and featured "Iron Man" and "The Fantastic Four."


"Iron Man" chronicled the adventures of billionaire Tony Stark and his armored alter-ego battling the forces of evil led by the nefarious Mandarin. Other heroes accompanied Iron Man in his adventures: War Machine, Hawkeye, Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter), Scarlet Witch, and the alien Century. The team was inspired by the comic book "Force Works," which also launched in 1994.

Iron Man and his allies

The Mandarin was not alone either: Dreadknight, Blizzard, Hypnotia, Grey Gargoyle, and MODOK, among others, served him as minions, and helped him make Iron Man’s life miserable.

The Mandarin

Each episode presented a 26-minute adventure with a brief introduction by Stan Lee. The Rainbow Animation Group was in charge of the production during the show's first season; Koko Enterprises took over on the second year. A toy line and a comic book series complemented the program. A total of 26 episodes were produced, until the show was cancelled at the end of its second season in 1996.

Iron Man, the Armored Avenger

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Storyboards: The New Batman Adventures

The New Batman Adventures: Beware the Creeper
[Season 1 – Episode 23]

Storyboards by Mike Manley

Swings and hits pipe
Vibrates from shock
Batman antics

Smashes into pile of oil drums
upsetting them

Joker gleefully watches
Chemicals splash up

Joker turns to see Batman and
Robin as smoke clears
Art, animate smoke

Batman and Robin into scene
to stop. Batman 1st

Robin in. Stops. Bats out.
Robin in. Stop for 1 sec looking
at river

Batmobile starts

Then he suddenly leaps to on-screen 

Moody down shot. Scraps of
paper and trash blow through
scene. CREEPER: And now...

Friday, August 16, 2013

Spider-Woman: Pyramids of Terror

Spider-Woman: Pyramids of Terror
[Season 1 – Episode 1]

A massive pyramid rises from the ground in Egypt, creating a sandstorm and provoking a panic amongst the citizens of Cairo. A little kid is blown away by the winds, but is saved in time by Spider-Man, who afterwards goes to the pyramid to investigate the strange occurrence.


Once inside the pyramid, Spider-Man is attacked and captured by a gigantic mummy.


Thousands of miles away, in a King Kultut museum exhibit, Jessica Drew and Jeff Hunt prepare a piece for Justice Magazine, when Jessica's spider-sense warns her of trouble.  Suddenly, one of the mummies in the exhibit comes to life and attacks the journalists. Jessica pretends to run away, only to transform into Spider-Woman!


The Dark Angel uses her venom blasts to stop the menacing mummy, and the crisis is soon over. Back at the Justice Magazine, Jessica contacts Chief Cooper after her nephew Billy comes with news that wild mummy sightings are being reported all over the country. The same thing is happening around the world, and there are rumors that Spider-Man has been captured by one of the creatures.


Jessica, Jeff, and Billy make it to Egypt, but the place where they land is completely deserted after everyone has fled. Jessica's spider-sense warns her again of impending danger, so she splits from the group to transform into Spider-Woman.


In the meantime, Spider-Man's captor reveals he's part of an alien race that landed on Earth thousands of years ago, and had been dormant until the right time came for an attack. Soon, the web crawler is joined by Jeff and Billy, who are captured when they wander into the new pyramid.

Spider-Woman enters the pyramid where she comes face to face with the alien mummy, who traps her in a hidden chamber.  Soon, the walls start to close, threatening with ending the life of the Dark Angel.


While hundreds of mummies prepare a coordinated attack on board their flying pyramids, Spider-Woman frees herself from the chamber by communicating telepathically with sand spiders that chew through the limestone walls. After rescuing Jeff and Billy, the heroine tries to team-up with Spider-Man, but he leaves quickly to take matters into his own hands.


The invading fleet has arrived in London, and starts to convert the British people into mummies. Spider-Man tries to stop the main pyramid, but is unsuccessful, and is actually starting to change into a mummy.  Spider-Woman comes to the rescue and saves Spidey at the last minute.


The two heroes finally team-up, and using spider-webs change the shape of the pyramids into cubes, which completely nullifies the aliens' powers.  The fleet has to abort their mission and abandon Earth. Everyone in London returns to normal, and the Spider-heroes promise to work together again in the future.


The End

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Intro: Aquaman (1967)

Aquaman - Opening Sequence
[Season 1 - 1967]

“Aquaman! Swift and powerful monarch of the oceans!”

“With the ability to summon and command all creatures of the deep!”


“Who with his teenage ally, Aqualad…”

“…guards and defends all that lives in the seas against the forces of evil!”


“King of the seven seas!”
Executive Producer: Allen Ducovny
Produced by: Filmation, Ducovny Productions, National Periodical Publications