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Captain America: The Origin of Captain America

Captain America: The Origin of Captain America
[Season 1 - Episode 1]

America was at war, and across the country, anybody who could make it to the draft board under his own steam, was healthy enough to be in uniform. And at a secret meeting in Washington, a strange experiment -Operation Rebirth- was about to begin.


A couple of U.S. generals in civilian clothes are led by an intelligence agent into a gloomy antiques shop half-hidden in the shadows, where they use the pass phrase "Rebirth shall occur this night." The shop is really a secret lab, where enters young Steve Rogers, too puny to be accepted by the Army, but willing to risk death for his country, in the greatest experiment of all.


Steve drinks the secret formula that makes him change before everyone's eyes. The chemical works, and America has a new champion born in an hour of need. Unfortunately, Dr. Erskine, the scientist who developed and memorized the formula is murdered, and with him dies the protocol to develop the serum. Steve Rogers is now the only one of his kind who will champion the fight for freedom and justice wherever tyranny reigns. Captain America is born!


The newspapers read: 
"Captain America captures spy ring."
"Saboteurs fail in factory plot with Captain America on scene."
"Captain America prevents dam explosion."
"Spy bsuter scores in latest bout with hazard."
"Who is Captain America?"


In the critical days that follow, Steve Rogers blazes into action like a red, white, and blue rocket. And while a grateful nation ponders Captain America's true identity, the valiant defender conceals it behind the uniform of a newly-inducted army private.


Back at the post, Bucky Barnes, the camp's teenage mascot wonders how great it would be having a guy like Captain America around camp Lehigh, not knowing that his buddy Steve Rogers hides a double life. One night however, Bucky discovers his secret by accident when he barges into his tent unexpectedly, and sees Steve wearing the Captain America uniform.


The young mascot suggests he be made Captain America's partner, and the super soldier agrees, upon deciding that Bucky has what it takes. After months of intensive training, Bucky is given his uniform and his first challenge as Cap's partner, and thus, a new fighting team is born.


Some time later, off a remote stretch of the coast, a forbidding silhouette appears: an enemy submarine is ashore. And so Captain America and Bucky prepare to meet their first deadly challenge together. The brave pair sends a greeting to the invading ship on behalf of the american people: a boat loaded with explosives!


The wandering raft explodes destroying the enemy vessel, and once they make it back to land, Captain America and Bucky celebrate their victory cementing their partnership, and agreeing to be a team for as long as the worlds needs them.

The End
*Text extracted from the actual cartoon

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